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EChargingTech SaaS cloud platform: the cloud solves the “profit robbery” of operators

What should a charging service platform worth in-depth experience look like? Zhichong Technology’s newly upgraded SaaS service cloud platform delivers the perfect answer to the market. The global decarbonization process is accelerating, the number of new energy vehicles has increased considerably, and the charging piles of core energy replenishment tools have also been deployed on […]

Diversified layout, DC fast charging enables green public transport in Europe

As China joins the ranks of “carbon neutrality”, the global carbon emission reduction process continues to accelerate, and new energy vehicles have achieved leapfrog development on a global scale. Not only are new energy passenger vehicles proliferating globally, but many companies in the transportation industry have also begun to increase the use of new energy […]

Help high-quality charging! EChargingTech’s digital ultra-large fast charging solution overcomes the “stubborn disease” of the industry

Since 2021, China’s new energy vehicle market has shown explosive growth. The penetration rate in September has reached 20%, and the annual penetration rate is expected to exceed 15%. As the power guarantee of new energy vehicles, the contradiction between the charging infrastructure and the high penetration rate of new energy vehicles is becoming more […]

C6EU debuts in Corsica, France: China’s intelligent manufacturing, for the benefit of the world

Driven by the global wave of decarbonization, the new energy vehicle industry has set off a “going frenzy”, and charging piles going abroad have once again become a hot spot and focus. In recent years, the design, manufacturing capabilities, and super-fast charging technology capabilities of domestic charging piles have gradually improved, and their comprehensive competitiveness […]