Portable EV charger

A few things to know before customizing portable EV charger of your own brand

Target market

Different markets have different needs for portable EV charger.

The North American market generally requires 3.6kW-8.8kW portable EV charger that meet the SAE J1772 interface standard.

The European market generally requires 3.6kW (single-phase) or 16kW (three-phase) portable EV charger that meet the IEC62196-2 standard.

China, India and some South Asian markets generally require 3.6kW portable EV charger that meet the GB interface standard.


Different market needs and related standards, the design directions and certification requirements involved are all different.

Therefore, you have to determine where your target market is first before deciding on customization.

Product Positioning

Precise positioning of the charging box is very important before starting a customization project, which directly determines

It is unrealistic to create a product that can cover all customer groups. No matter whether it is simple or high-end version, it will have its own corresponding market and suitable customer groups as long as you know how to clarify your product positioning and the corresponding market demand

Selling point


An excellent product that can be easily remembered by customers must have its own core selling point.

The selling point must be important, attractive, and easy to advertise.

If a product is claimed to have all the selling points during promotion,

then it won’t be specially recognized by customers .

And all selling points equals no selling points from the perspective of marketing.

Therefore, it is very important to determine the selling point before designing

which can not only effectively improve the recognition of your own products

but also can help you determine a clear marketing direction before selling.

Generally speaking, the following directions can be considered for charging box’s selling points:



A product can have many advantages, but for a marketing selling point, it is best to focus on the one that stands out the most and is the easiest to remember

More importantly, determining the selling point will allow us to be more targeted when designing

Sales channel

A complete and effective sales strategy is crucial to product sales

Is it an offline store or online sales mode?

Are you selling on your own website or on Amazon?

Do you have your own sales team or distrubute to other dealers for sales as an importer?


To be precise, the sales channel has little to do with the customization of the charging box

Here, we just take sales channels for example.

We want every one of our customers to be thoughtfull and fully consider every detail before customizing the product,

just like fully planning every procedure before launching a campaign.

We will also provide suggestions in some key respects based on our experience.

Every customer can obtain benefits and avoid detours by cooperating with us.

This is what we want to see


Steps of portable EV charger customization

  • Confirm the product for customization and discuss the design.
  • EChargingTech offers an estimated quotation, MOQ and delivery time based on the approved design.
  • Both parties sign a contract and the clients pay relative deposit after confirmation.
  • EChargingTech builds handmade prototypes and confirms the final details and carry out relative structural tests.
  • Production of the mold will be arranged once the prototype is confirmed.
  • EChargingTech sends tooling samples for testing and final confirmation once the mold is completed.
  • Final necessary optimization of the mold will be arranged based on client’s feedback.
  • Small batch production will be carried out first for the certification and other necessary tests of the product.
  • Confirm instruction manual and other packaging details with clients.
  • Once the certificate is obtained, mass production will be officially carried out.

Classifications and optional parameters


Power 3.6kW, 7.2kW, 8.8kW, 11kW (three-phase), 16kW (three-phase)
Interface standard IEC62196-2, SAE J1772
Adapter With, Without
Charging cable Straight, Spring
Power plug NEMA, Schuko, UK, CEE, AU/NZ
Display Without Screen / Monochrome Screen /Color Screen /Touch Screen
Cable material TPE, TPU

Design manuscripts

Market data

Estimated market size of various electric vehicle charging stations

unit: Ten thousand

2022 2030 Compound annual growth rate
235.4 1462.3 44.1%

market value

unit: Billion

2020 2021 21/20 growth rate
$241.6 $175.9 -27.19%
2028 2030 Compound annual growth rate
$1119 $1424.6 31.14%

Precautions during transportation

Customs clearance

Precautions in customs clearance


Common shipping methods and related fees


Preparation for shipment, space booking, transportation to port, transportation, arrival, customs clearance, final delivery