EV charger product customization procedures & precautions

Clarify your needs

When preparing for a customized product, you need to have clear requirements and positioning for the product you want
Who is the target customer group?
What kind of functionality is required?
Product Positioning?
Sales channels?

The clearer the requirements are, the more accurate the direction of customization will be.

If you are new to this field, or you are not sure about the product requirements, you can ask manufacturers who offer customization service to give corresponding product suggestions based on the current information

Note: Customizing products isn’t a small project, instead it requires a certain amount of time, energy and money. Before starting the customization, you need to figure out what the customized product will be like.

Evaluate feasibility, approximate cost and cycle time

The factory will make a feasibility assessment according to the product demand proposed by the customer
Not every product requirement is suitable for customization
First we need to confirm
if the product is structurally doable
technically possible
and will have target users at the market level.

Once the product is considered to be viable after being comprehensively evaluated,
cost analysis and customized cycle estimation will be carried out.

During this process,
we can make appropriate adjustments to some specific functions and needs of the product in a timely manner based on the estimated data.
We’ll ensure that the cost and cycle time of the entire project can be controlled within expectations

If it is your first time to do a customization project
We don’t suggest customizing a product
with too many functions,
too complicated structures and high costs.
Instead, we suggest that you start with a relatively simple product to enter the market first.

Confirm the details

This step requires confirmation of all the details
which includes

Confirmation of the details of this part is an important procedure before signing the contract
Here are just a few of the more important ones
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have relevant experience
We have a complete customization demand plan to
make sure that any procedure won’t be missed.

Sign the contract

After confirming all the details
Both parties can sign a formal contract of the customized project,
which mainly stipulates the requirements of the customized products, the project cycle and payment method.
The customization project officially begins after the contract is officially signed,


Start customizing

After launching the project, the relevant customization work begins immediately
which mainly includes
mold customization
circuit board design
component selection
determining design criteria based on the required certifications


During this process, customers can keep track of the progress of customization anytime.

Design the packaging and insturction manual

Never overlook the importance of a good packaging design for a product
Color schemes, composition, fonts and materials
have a great impact on the product positioning.
But at the same time, we need to realize that
there is no best , only the most suitable packaging.
These designs must take the aesthetic, style of the target market
packaging requirements of local customs and markets into consideration.

Meanwhile, considering the environmental protection attributes of EV charging products themselves
we generally recommend that customers choose the electronic version of the manual
which is not only cost-saving, easy to use, but also conducive to environmental protection

Test the sample

After the mold is basically complete, the factory will arrange to make a sample for the customer
After the customer receives the sample, the parts that need to be confirmed and tested mainly include:

If any inconsistency with the requirements is found in the above parts, it must be reported in time

You need to ensure that the samples exactly meets your requirements before proceeding with the following process

Test on small batch production

Samples, mainly used to test the product appearance and electrical performance, are generally assembled manually.
Small batch production, mainly used to test the assembly process and related production process, as well as the relevant performance indicators of the product, is carried out on the assembly line.
There is a certain probability that the samples passed the test without any problems yet the small batch production failed.
So, don’t think that everything is OK if the sample passed the test
Tested small batch production
is the closest to mass production in terms of quality and performance
Therefore, small batch production test is indispensable
before the official mass production

Certify the product

After small batch production,
you can arrange for the relevant certification inspection.
The certification normally takes 40 days to 120 days
which depends on the number of projects queuing up in the certification body
and the factory’s familiarity with the relevant certifications

Generally, for factories with relevant experience, products can pass the test and get the report after 2-3 inspections.
For relatively inexperienced factories, it may take 5-7 times or even more.
Sending sample for multiple times generally doesn’t increase the customer’s customization cost.
However, it will prolong the customization cycle, affect the customer’s overall planning , and make customers lose their potential clients.
Therefore, we usually recommend that customers find factories with relevant certifications to customize products.
In this way, both factories and customers will have a better control over product quality and certification cycle

Finish the customization project

The customization project of related products is officially over after the customized contents are completed according to the contract signed by both parties and the customer gets the product that fully meets the requirements.
Then we need to arrange mass production and delivery according to customer’s market planning

Many customers will have a better understanding of the market demand, functional positioning of the products and the technical strength of the factory who succeeds cutomizing their ideal products through first cooperation.

Subsequent customization needs of other products will be practiced more efficiently (once the first product is recognized by the market, many customers will choose to further launch related series of products)

Considering the capital occupation and the turnover rate of warehouse materials, the facotry usually will prepare related product materials according to the customer’s sales plan to maintain a safe material inventory . Therefore, if there is any adjustment or major change in the sales plan, the factory needs to be informed in time so that they can make relevant preparations in advance

At the same time, don’t forget to apply for relevant patents for your own products to protect your own rights.