Diversified layout, DC fast charging enables green public transport in Europe

As China joins the ranks of “carbon neutrality”, the global carbon emission reduction process continues to accelerate, and new energy vehicles have achieved leapfrog development on a global scale. Not only are new energy passenger vehicles proliferating globally, but many companies in the transportation industry have also begun to increase the use of new energy vehicles such as electric buses.

The new energy charging infrastructure should take the opportunity to enter the fast lane. Some domestic independent brands have begun to target overseas markets. Among them, the industry leader EChargingTech stands out. With advanced product capabilities, flexible strategies, and rich overseas experience, the smart charging solution has entered the European public transportation sector, providing clean energy power for electric buses in many places in Europe.

With a sharp sword in hand, “win” is on the way

In 2021, Zhichong Technology will cooperate with Italian public transport operator GTT to provide its electric bus fleet in Torino with dozens of Zhichong C6EU 120kW smart DC fast charging piles. New energy bus charging service. It only took about 2 months for Zhichong Technology to hand in a satisfactory answer.

As the first domestic manufacturer to independently develop ultra-fast public charging piles and export them to the world, Zhichong Technology has demonstrated remarkable R&D strength and rapid response capabilities in the field of electric vehicle charging, and constantly meets the ever-changing needs of charging services in different industries. In addition to public charging, Zhichong Technology has developed a product line of charging piles for electric buses specially designed for public transportation scenarios. All of them are equipped with remote OTA over-the-air download technology to fine-tune the management backend. Combined with remote diagnosis and debugging functions, the charging station’s Efficient and smooth daily maintenance greatly simplifies the work of the charging station operator (CPO).

Thanks to the support of the “soft and hard cloud” of Zhichong, Zhichong has specially developed the intelligent scheduling charging function in combination with the characteristics of the bus station. The system can automatically adjust the charging power of the corresponding charging pile according to the vehicle shifts pre-entered in the background. When the bus returns to the station, the gun is inserted, and the battery is charged to the set minimum value when it leaves the station. Especially for night-shift bus drivers, there is no need to worry about not being able to keep track of the charging progress in time and work tiredly and inefficiently in the middle of the night.

In addition to GTT, Zhichong Technology has also won the favor of EMT Madrid, the main public transport operator in Spain. EMT Madrid has introduced a batch of smart charging technology smart DC charging pile products to provide a charging guarantee for its BYD electric bus fleet, so as to achieve the emission reduction target faster.

EMT has been pursuing an electrification strategy in recent years and currently operates 11 electric bus lines in Madrid. After the delivery of the latest batch of BYD ebus electric buses, the total BYD fleet of EMT Madrid will reach 65 vehicles. The European bus operators represented by EMT Madrid have foreseeably advanced the demand for charging services from quantity to quality, and the “gold content” of smart charging can be witnessed.

Expert attitude, to be a leading independent brand

Achieving the goal of “carbon neutrality” is not just the task of a certain company or industry. Players who enter the game must stand from a higher and larger perspective, and think and implement them from a multi-industry and cross-industry perspective. For domestic independent brand charging pile products, the leading force in electrification and intelligence will be directly transformed into the advantage of product competitiveness, and then become the hard power of the brand to enter the overseas market.

Based on the global market, EChargingTech prioritizes the layout, puts technology and services in the front, from the underlying hardware development, upper-level strategy research to the overall architecture formulation and other multi-dimensional conquer, practice the attitude of the new energy charging industry leader with actions, let many energy companies around the world. , fleet operators and car park operators enjoy world-class charging services.

Ding Rui, founder, and CEO of Zhichong Technology said: “The core competitiveness of Zhichong is to use fully intelligent equipment to help operators around the world realize localized operations. At the same time, make good use of data to help public transport operators optimize the replenishment situation, Reduce end costs.” With the expansion of the smart charging business to overseas markets such as Europe and North America, providing customers with reliable “turnkey” electric vehicle charging solutions confirms the sufficient development momentum and determination of smart charging.

The development of new energy infrastructure is an endless track. On the road to becoming the world’s leading “one-stop” charging solution provider, “full marks” in every possible business model will be the normal performance of Zhichong Technology.

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