EChargingTech SaaS cloud platform: the cloud solves the “profit robbery” of operators

What should a charging service platform worth in-depth experience look like? Zhichong Technology’s newly upgraded SaaS service cloud platform delivers the perfect answer to the market.

The global decarbonization process is accelerating, the number of new energy vehicles has increased considerably, and the charging piles of core energy replenishment tools have also been deployed on a large scale in the market. According to the statistics of the China Charging Alliance, the number of public charging piles reported in the China regional alliance alone has exceeded 1,091,800 units. From December 2020 to November 2021, about 33,058 public charging piles were newly added per month. The number of charging piles will continue to grow rapidly.

Compared with the original gas station, there may be one or two hundred gas stations in a city, so how are the charging stations distributed? Most of today’s electric vehicles have a cruising range of 200 to 500 kilometers. Therefore, the distribution of charging stations is denser, more scattered, and closer to users. In terms of user experience, more and more parking lots are enabling self-service, and charging stations should also be more intelligent, unmanned, automated and efficient. How to connect millions of charging piles, make charging station operations IoT-enabled, and charge cheaper and faster? This problem triggered the thinking of the software R&D team of Zhichong Technology, and the cloud platform of Zhichong charging Internet of Things service came into being.

From a post-customer perspective, insist on being an experienced “cloud”

What is an experienced cloud platform?

In the concept of smart charging, “cloud” means standardized and mature platform products, extensive coverage and adaptation, and flexible operating mechanisms. Various charging pile operating platforms are flooding into the market like snowflakes. The second one always claims to be better than the first. The competition is fierce, but the rhetoric is not always honest and credible. Diversion is almost a standard feature. The original intention of focusing on service and strong experience helped Zhichong to find the exit to build a differentiated cloud platform. Based on the previous cloud system, it upgraded and optimized in terms of maintenance and interaction, and officially launched a new version of Zhichong on November 26, 2021. SaaS cloud platform.

The Zhichong software team believes that the core value of the product is to empower users, and the Zhichong SaaS cloud platform was born to solve the core pain points of operators. Gu Jiachao, product manager of Zhichong Software R&D Department, said that many current platform products are just superimposed functions that respond to constant demand. In the long run, the platform function logic is chaotic and complex, the user learning cost is high, and the user experience is poor. This version update, as the first step in the reconstruction of the smart charging platform, focuses on resolving these problems. Zhichong will focus on empowering users and solving problems encountered in the operation of new energy vehicle charging services as the core goal, polishing products from the perspective of users and users of users, and continuously optimizing the platform with the courage to self-reform, and being the one behind users “Ta”, the achievement of the user’s brilliance.

The destination is multi-dimensional “deep dive” to reach the depth

The charging pile is not a simple hardware product, but a combination of soft and hard products. The good early global market share provides a reference for Zhichong to accurately grasp customer pain points. Zhichong regards the operator’s pain points as the destination that the product must reach, and “creates what” the operator “wants”. To dig deep into the pain points of operators, Zhichong calls it “deep diving”.

Operators are the C players in the charging pile market. Most of them are former electrical appliance companies or transformed from other new energy companies. However, when entering the new energy vehicle charging pile market, it is not only the ability of operators that is tested. Operators who are suffering from losses often take the number of equipment as their KPI, rather than the operating efficiency of the equipment. To put it another way, they neglected to make profits by improving operational efficiency, and instead built how many charging stations became their goal. The multi-dimensional co-construction of the Zhichong SaaS cloud platform helps operators see the actual profit effect brought by the improvement of operational efficiency.

The new version of Zhichong SaaS cloud platform avoids the traditional function stacking, and optimizes and improves dozens of functions including order flow management, real-time monitoring of charging piles, equipment maintenance, data analysis, online settings, etc. The toolkit makes it easier for operators to manage and operate, and the convenient operation design allows operators to get started more quickly. In terms of charging pile management, after the SaaS system is fully integrated, the difficulty of power station operation is significantly reduced, and there is almost no cost expenditure, helping operators to achieve benign and precise management of charging stations with higher efficiency, and obtain a refined digital technology experience .

The “vacancy finding” marketing strategy is not simply to fill the void where all competitors exist. After comparing many traditional charging service platforms, Zhichong found that many platforms lack maintenance content design. And this is the key to worrying operators and even car owners. Just like when we buy a new mobile phone, we will worry about whether there will be various faults during use, whether it can be diagnosed and dealt with in a timely manner, and whether normal and safe use can be guaranteed. The same goes for charging stations. Operators are no longer faced with a unique choice, and products with good experience and long-term reliability will not be flashy. Zhichong maximizes the service experience and builds a complete and meticulous maintenance support structure to provide platform users with a reliable and reliable service experience.

In addition, the Zhichong SaaS cloud platform includes a number of security strategies such as online real-time monitoring of abnormalities, charging port parameter restrictions, and safety warnings. With the help of remote one-key start and stop of charging ports, and maintenance recommendations for power modules, it is possible to remotely The station situation can be seen at a glance in real time, which saves the need for manual station patrol and improves the overall safety of the power station.

Technology needs to go up, practice needs to sink

In the eyes of operators, a platform that can really help profit is a good platform.

In terms of user operation, the Zhichong SaaS cloud platform is also strong. Facing the rapidly expanding customer base of car owners, and to better help the operator group in the era of the surge in customer volume, the Zhichong platform has built a new position for online digital and intelligent services for customer acquisition, conversion, service, operation and expansion. . Membership that supports online management, card and coupon marketing activities, fission conversion and open traffic drainage solutions, customer group labeling and classification driving mechanism, and the application of customer contact mechanism. The addition of many user operation function items can better help small and medium-sized operators solve “Profit Difficulty”.

The Zhichong SaaS cloud platform has efficient data information processing capabilities, collects and analyzes data on users, charging capacity, station efficiency, and income, and actively generates reports to provide decision support for operators. The platform forms a two-way information interaction channel between car owners and operators for external dissemination and internal feedback. For users in specific scenarios such as fleets, the smart charging cloud platform can intelligently schedule charging time and power, and can also provide preferential electricity price guidance to station operators to guide car owners to charge off-peak and enjoy electricity discounts during special periods.

In the future, the power station can also be connected to the energy storage microgrid, and operators can use the platform to flexibly allocate and monitor the storage and utilization of clean energy to achieve the purpose of shaving peaks and filling valleys.

It is worth noting that the new version of Zhichong SaaS cloud platform is very careful in terms of interactive experience. A good software platform should interact with users and attract users to actively choose. The upgrade of the UI interface not only brings more concise and beautiful visual effects, but also clearer page jumps and operation guidance, which resolves the trouble of “clicking and not finding”. In terms of creating the best customer experience, Zhichong can be said to have exhausted his mind to make the platform truly “inside and out”.

Zhichong has accurately classified the customer base and developed a scalable architecture. Whether it is an operator, a fleet, or an OEM, they can find the most suitable options for themselves. Facing the domestic market, the Zhichong cloud platform not only has a standard version suitable for small operators and an advanced version suitable for commercial operators, but also can be customized for specific users and provide customized solutions for scenarios. Taking a domestic first-line new energy vehicle brand as an example, Zhichong provided it with a solution of “plugging in the gun and charging it”. For the owners of this brand, it is easy to use and has a “face”. For OEMs, the smart charging system can not only add color to the utilization rate of charging piles, but also reduce operating costs. And other new energy vehicles can also share the charging pile by scanning the code to amortize the construction cost of the charging station.

Innovation is not introverted, centripetal force points to a strong core

The revolution and development of digitalization is actually a process of defining and even reshaping the logic of the entire industry. If there is a lack of innovation and digital driving force, enterprises can only be limited to internal consumption, and cannot complete the reconstruction and iteration of their own models. The professional and comprehensive Zhichong cloud platform is not only a set of targeted and more efficient cloud solutions, but also a methodology of innovation that has been deeply cultivated and summarized by Zhichong for many years.

If the vision of Zamei is to be truly implemented, it needs certain funds, technologies, talents, and even the pattern and courage of leaders to support it. The founding team of Zhichong Technology comes from top companies in various fields such as Tesla and Kingdee Cloud. More than 85% of the members of the R&D team with a master’s degree or above are returnees. ability and extensive application experience. After several generations of upgrades and optimizations, the Zhichong cloud platform has won a number of software patents, and its actual combat achievements can also be commendable. With the support of software and cloud platform, Zhichong has achieved the operation efficiency of the rolling industry in the operation of charging piles, and the single-pile utilization rate of customer power stations far exceeds the industry average. According to the feedback of its operator customers, the annual operating income of a single station can exceed 10 million yuan, and the annual return rate of the entire station is much higher than expected.

A digital and intelligent cloud platform to build a solid foundation for full-dimensional ecological services

The empowerment of the digital and intelligent cloud platform has promoted the continuous evolution of Zhichong product R&D and manufacturing, brand marketing, customer operations and other aspects. It has enabled Zhichong to realize the leap-forward growth of its own brand, showing its potential as a leader in one-stop charging service solutions.

The process of self-transformation and upgrading of software + cloud service is also the process of integrating the service concept into the standard. Zhichong hopes to create an industry-standard charging service cloud platform, showing the technological and innovative attributes of the Zhichong brand, matching with the new green transportation ecology, so that the slogan of industrial digitization can be implemented, thereby extending the boundaries of the charging service platform and serving the industry. Open up room for sustainable growth.

The charging station operation service directly reaches both ends of the BC, and the evolution of the platform model must be based on the understanding of corporate responsibility. The development of the platform includes not only charging pile operation services, but also a series of strategic pivots on technology, green, commercial marketing, and consumer access. Sun Yu, VP of Zhichong Technology Software R&D Department, said: “We have always adhered to three concepts to develop Zhichong cloud platform products – customer-centric, innovation-driven, and down-to-earth. We strive to help each operation with professionalism. Businesses can operate their own charging service brands independently, and use intelligent technology and innovative spirit to promote the progress of the charging service industry. Zhicharge will keep close to operational needs, pay attention to timeliness, repeatedly polish, and win brand reputation and lasting benefits with full-point service.”

Software will be the commanding height of the decisive charging operation, and the development potential should not be underestimated. Zhichong hopes to integrate the product model into the wave of the digital economy and stand firm at the peak of the industry. Zhichong will always be a long-termist who thinks behind the operator’s back, practice the belief that customer experience comes first, and create more charging service products that can truly empower operators, so that operators can truly enjoy the continuous release of the market. dividend.

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