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Choose to use EChargingTech’s chargers, your charging business will have no worries. Durable hardware equipment and smooth software system and cloud control. It will make your charging business extremely dazzling. Choosing EChargingTech is choosing the future!

The best commercial charging stations

The best cloud platform

A growing investment

Provide whole station solution

7×24 hours after-sales support

Perfect financial services

Provide the most perfect solution for charging station operation

EChargingTech’s flexible combined intelligent charging system allows visiting vehicles to be charged in an orderly manner.
The intelligent reservation queuing system and real-time online viewable charging equipment status will maximize the efficiency of charging equipment usage.
The charging conditions and charging role management set according to the time period can help operators to further expand the scope of income, gain a good reputation from car owners and users, and find new sustainable growth points for charging station parking spaces.

Future proof your charging stations operation with EChargingTech

Multiple options for operators


AC Wallbox for commercial operation


7kW 11kW 22kW Optional

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AC Twin Pedestal Series for Commercial Operation


14kW(7kW*2) 22kW(11kW*2) 44kW(22kW*2) Optional

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Mini DC Series for Commercial Operation


20kW 30kW 40kW Optional

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Super DC Series for Commercial Operation


90kW 120kW 150kW Optional

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AC*DC 3-IN-1 Charger for Commercial Operation


AC 22kW / CCS2 60kW / CHAdeMO 60kW 

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Advertising pedestal series for Commercial Operation


14kW(7kW*2)  22kW(11kW*2)  44kW(22kW*2) Optional

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