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Join us to make shared charging easier. ECHARGINGTECH refines the operation mechanism according to the needs of operators and conducts real-time two-way communication with charging pile equipment.
Send remote control commands to the device, receive real-time data reported by the device,
And complete the remote control and management of the charging business, charging equipment, and charging process. Become a charging operator Own a self-operated WeChat official account (scan the QR code on WeChat to start charging) WeChat payment (the WeChat payment money goes directly to the merchant account) Join the charging operation alliance Join the charging alliance (all users in the alliance can use charging equipment) Sharing Users and devices (improving the efficiency of charging operations)

Platform management Online management of charging stations and charging piles
Online User Management
Online charging card management order query charging order query
Learn about charging status and how
Order detailsCharging pile monitoring monitoring type of charging pile
Current status of charging pile
Remote restart data analysis Charging data analysis
Revenue Analysis
Income distribution percentage analysis Online settings Operator settings
Charging rule settings
Wechat official account set up our advantage online one-stop charging operation management platform

User operation Set up user groups and configure different charging prices for each group of users;
Online stored value also supports multiple people using the same account;
Each charging station can be individually set to only which users will be charged.

The recent operation trend of each charging station;
Daily revenue chain analysis. Online management of charging stations and charging piles;
Set up the usage method of the charging station according to your needs, open the sharing station,
Internal private site, mixed-use;
Multiple sets of charging strategies can be configured for charging stations to distinguish between DC and AC;
Use delay fees and charging pile screen advertisements to improve operational efficiency. Real-time monitoring 7*24 hours monitoring the status of charging piles;
If the charging pile is abnormal, the administrator will be notified by SMS;
Remote control equipment restart, self-check;
Multi-dimensional query charging orders, export Excel for easy statistics. Partner customers come from Internet companies, real estate companies, residential quarters, commercial office buildings, car manufacturers, and dealers


List of Questions We have listed several general questions here. If you still can’t solve your problem, please contact our engineers by phone, email, etc. Charging science knowledgeProduct introduction and product advantagesTechnology and solution advantagesBackground operation and technical operationCustomer service and answersIntelligent charging development and construction 1What is the development goal of Zhicharging technology 1.0 period? Use intelligent charging equipment to meet the needs of distributed deployment and become the leader in charging solutions in the industry. 2What is the construction goal of Zhichong Technology 2.0 period? Through the upstream and downstream of new energy, using charging piles as a tool to connect energy and human beings. Charging science knowledge 1 Is there any difference in function between on-board chargers and DC chargers? No difference 2 What are the main differences between single-phase and three-phase power supply modes? Single-phase power supply has two less live wires than three-phase power supply. 3. Will DC charging damage battery life? No, DC charging has nothing to do with battery damage. Battery life is more determined by the performance of the on-board battery management system. 4 AC charging piles Why is it commonly known as slow charge? Because the alternating current needs to be converted into direct current by the charger in the car before it can be charged into the battery, and the lightweight of the vehicle requires that the on-board charger must be small, so the power is small and the charging is slow. 5 What is the essential difference between AC charging and DC charging? AC charging is to input AC power into the vehicle, convert it into DC power through the vehicle’s charger, and then store it in the battery
DC charging is to convert the alternating current in the power grid into direct current through the built-in charger of the charging pile, and then input it into the battery of the vehicle. 6What are the methods of AC charging and DC charging and vehicle communication? AC adopts CP voltage and PWM duty cycle to communicate with the vehicle. Product introduction and product advantages What is the maximum charging power (Kw/h) of a single gun for wall-mounted and column-type 2 smart charging piles? In the 180Kw/h3 national standard, what are the three defense requirements for charging piles? What is the highest product of Zhichong? What is the maximum conversion efficiency (efficiency) of IP54 and IP654 smart charging DC charging piles? 96.6%, close to the physical limit
DC uses the Can bus composed of S1 and S2 to communicate. What are the biggest advantages and characteristics of the charging pile products of 6 Zhichong Technology? Distributed deployment capability. Support users to quickly have charging service capabilities, saving customers the time and cost of charging piles, charging pile systems, payment systems, client development, and communication terminal development. What is the maximum charging power supported by 7C6s? (As of June 2017) What is the maximum charging power supported by the 180Kw8C6 machine? (As of June 2017) Can the 240Kw9 smart charging pile allow users to observe the charging progress from a distance? Yes, there are 10 built-in LCD indicators representing the 100% progress bar in the charging pile to display the charging progress. 10Does the smart charging have any products that support “dual-channel” output? Zhichong’s C6 intelligent charging pile supports dual output 11 What is the built-in delay fee for all products of Zhichong Technology? After the vehicle is terminated or fully charged, if the occupancy fee generated by the charging port is not released, the main purpose is to urge the owner to move the car. Completely different from similar products, there is a generation difference. All independent research and development, non-market assembled products. 13Why is the internal structure of Zhichong Technology’s products relatively “simple”? The engineers of Zhichong have highly integrated the internal structure, the advantage of which is to reduce the failure points of charging piles and prolong the service life. 14 At present, what models of DC fast charging products of Zhichong Technology are available? C6
What services can the intelligent DC fast charging of C915 smart charge provide for users? Lower overall cost, online management can reduce user maintenance time
Provide upgrade services to keep charging pile software up to date
Based on the analysis of charging parameters, identify potential failure and degradation of vehicle battery
IoT big data service to help users understand electricity and vehicle usage
Digital marketing function, you can get a higher arrival rate through the system push screen advertisements 16 What are the highlights of the product features of Zhichong Technology’s AC charging products? More features than similar products
Lower cost than similar products
More intelligent than similar products
Higher charging compatibility than similar products
What are the advantages of 17 Zhichong Technology’s DC charging piles compared to similar products with better operating systems and operating methods? Support Android system, the underlying intelligence makes charging more intelligent
Support OTA upgrade, can be compatible with more new models through upgrade
Small design, high power density ratio
U-shaped hanging cable to prevent cable damage
With patented delay fee and Bluetooth floor lock function, it can let people leave quickly after charging and improve the use efficiency. Technology and solution advantages 1 Compared with the RFID card swiping mode that is common in the market, what advantages does the NFC independently developed by Zhichong have? Higher level of security encryption to prevent theft and wrong brushing
Support mobile phone and online card reading and writing, convenient for users
Card types designed for different scenarios to meet user behavior
Factories, operators, and users are all independently encrypted. M1 and M2 management cards, U1 start-stop card, U2 stored-value card, U3 identity card, etc. are set up. Why do you need to configure dual-gun intelligent distribution? The current of each port can be intelligently adjusted to match the charging of the vehicle to achieve the total power of the charging pile with full load. 3How do the DC products of Zhichong Technology detect water immersion? The device has a built-in float sensor, which can be powered off once submerged in water. How to prevent the parking space from being occupied by fuel vehicles? The Bluetooth module of the charging pile communicates with the ground lock, and the remote control lifts the ground lock. Once it is determined that it is an electric vehicle for charging, what is the patented solution of the ground lock lowering 5 Smart Charge Technology to improve the heat dissipation problem of the DC charging pile? The MQTT communication technology adopted by the new Z-shaped air duct and centrifugal booster fan 6 can start charging at the fastest time after scanning the QR code? The system response time is fast, and the charging can be started in 0.3 seconds in theory. 7What is the connection method used in the low-cost deployment solution provided by Smart Charge Technology? What are the technical connection methods between Zigbee ad hoc network tandem 8 and smart charging? Modify the SDK file of the internal software of the charging pile and directly connect to the user platform
Forwarding through the smart charging cloud platform, docking with the standard API interface to realize remote control of the charging pile Using an NFC-enabled Android phone
How to update the communication protocol of the DC charging pile using the web-based online card making platform to cooperate with the card reader’s background operation and technical operation? Push the upgrade program in the management background, OTA upgrade 2 uses the smart charging operation platform to deploy, how long can it be online at the fastest? 1 hour 3 The charging operation system provided by the smart charging greatly reduces the operating threshold? What is the core value provided to customers by the rapid deployment of the 4 Zhichong operation platform through the WeChat official account? Scientific strategies for adjusting and analyzing operations 5 What are the two types of managers of the operation platform of Smart Charge? site administrator
Electricity Sales Manager 6 Why does Smart Charger use WeChat to operate, and what is the biggest advantage? Low threshold for users to use, 98% of people have WeChat
The payment method is convenient, everyone has WeChat payment
Easy to operate, operators can open WeChat public account as long as they have a business license
The arrival time is short, and there is no need to transfer money through a third-party platform. Direct WeChat payment is made to the operator’s bank account. 7 The operator used the “Smart Charge” WeChat official account to operate the charging pile before, and needs to switch back to its own official account. How should I operate it? ? Log in to the operating platform and make changes in the official account settings. What two kinds of accounts are required to operate the WeChat official account in the backend of Smart Charge? WeChat service public account
WeChat payment account 9 Can small operators or even individuals use the smart charging system to quickly deploy a charging network? Yes, you can register as a platform and operator on the Zhichong platform, use your own official account to operate and you can set up sub-site customer service and answers 1How to charge the operation service system (operating platform) provided by Zhichong for operators? Operators who purchase smart charging equipment can try the system for one year for free, and the normal service fee (lower price) will be charged from the second year; it is only applicable to customers of the smart charging operating system, and the normal service fee will be charged. 2Why do customers need to bear the network communication fee? The communication trial of the smart charging product uses the public wireless communication network, and the telecom/unicom/mobile telecom operator charges the monthly rental fee for the network card, which is the reason for the need to pay the network communication fee. 3Can smart charging products be customized for customers? Yes, you can change the product appearance Logo according to customer needs
Change screen welcome
Change the screen logo
Change the cable length of the product 4 What pre-sales and after-sales services does Smart Charge provide for customers? Free one-year internet communication fee
Free use of the operating system for one year
Free docking with user-owned APP (API)
Free WeChat public account deployment service