Rich industry experience

10+ Years Of Professional EVSE Experience

EChargingTech has many years of experience in the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment field which has given us a wealth of knowledge and insight into the best EV charger products on the market. As a result, we are able to offer our customer EV charger products of highest quality.

In addition, our EV charger technical team is always available to answer any questions or concerns that customer may have. This high level of customer service ensures that everyone who purchases an evse from the manufacturer will be completely satisfied with their purchase.

With so much experience and expertise, it is no wonder that EChargingTech is one of the leading Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment suppliers in the world.

Importance Of Choosing Experienced Manufacturers
It is important to work with an experienced company. Because its experience can help you avoid all kinds of problems and troubles you didn’t think of before.

For example, an EV cable that can be used normally in France will be stiff and unusable in Norway since the temperature in Norway is much lower than in France and ordinary TPE materials cannot be used for EV cables.
For example, an ordinary EV charging station will often stop working in a certain area of Romania since the local voltage fluctuation frequency is too large which makes it easy to trigger wallbox’s protection mechanism.
For example, for electric vehicles of some brands, the handshake protocol has some special requirements, and therefore some chargers cannot work properly.
… …

EChargingTech’s Commitment
But none of these is a problem for us.

It’s not that we are gifted to know the existence of these problems in advance. It’s just that we have sold enough products, contacted enough business partner and dealt with enough cases.

Procedures that may be overlooked in the selection of product features, potential troubles in product sales, and possible failures during product operation.

We solved them all properly. In other words, we’ve helped you solve them in advance.

EChargingTech has entered the EV charging field since 2012, and it has been 10 years since then. These 10 years of experience accumulation may not guarantee that your sales data will become the first in the local area, but it can ensure that your products can successfully avoid almost all problems in the following sales process.

Perfect EV Charging Solutions

EChargingTech is excited to provide the best matching power supply solution for your EV. We understand that finding a right EV charger can be a daunting task, and we are here to help!

Our team of experts will work with you to find the perfect solution for your EV, whether you need a single unit or a customized system. We offer a wide range of products that are designed to meet our partners’ needs.

Our products are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, and we can customize them to meet your specific requirements. We also offer a range of options for power supply, so you can choose the right solution for your EV. EChargingTech is your one-stop shop for EV charger solutions.

Selling Is Not EChargingTech’s Only Consideration.
We want to help customer to establish a complete sales plan to better open the market.

We share EV Industry intelligence with our customers
Communicate industry information and competitor dynamics
Actively collect sales and user feedback
Timely give customer some suggestions based on our experience.
We help dealers to better promote their own brands in the local market. When the customer’s sales volume reaches a certain scale, sales teams and models are stabilized, we will assist our customer to customize and develop exclusive EV products to better improve their businesses.

EChargingTech Offer
.EChargingTech will provide sufficient support in the customer’s growth process.
.EChargingTech is committed to providing the best possible service and charging station to our customers, and we’re confident that we can find the perfect EV charger solution for you!

Professional Technical Team

As a leading supplier of EV charger products and services, EChargingTech is proud to have a professional technical team dedicated to providing the best possible EV products for our customers.

Our team has extensive knowledge and technology in the EV charger industry, and we are committed to offering the highest-quality products and services. We offer a wide range of EV charger products and our technical team is always available to provide professional technical support.

Whether you’re looking for a new EV charger or need help for troubleshooting an existing one, EChargingTech’s technical team is here to help.

Developing A Product isn’t The Only Thing.
The developed products need to be recognized by the market

We continuously optimize our products based on customers’ feedback, increase EV Chargers functions according to market demand, improve product performance in all aspects; When the charging protocol is constantly updated, we’re able to adjust our EV Chargers in time.

We reserved room in the product for future improvement. The charging program can be adapted to various EV models and various complex environments

Under the premise of ensuring safety and stability, our EV chargers can charge the EVs stably and effectively

Great products can help customers
increase sales
gain market reputation
reduce after-sales pressure
enhance brand awareness
More importantly, when customers have problems, we’re able to assist them to solve problems in a timely and effective manner, When customers have new functional requirements, we can evaluate the requirements from a professional point of view and then make them happen.

Rich Project Experience

In the field of electric vehicle charging, selling products is easy, as long as we can communicate with our customers about the quantity, parameters, price, and delivery method well, which any company can do.

But Doing Projects Is Different
which requires us to know everything about the whole project.

Determine the right EV charging equipment mix depends on the type of the project
Determine EV product parameters according to project requirements
Determine the payment methods of the product according to the operations mode
Determine the IP processing and material selection of the product based on the site environment
Determine the production and shipping arrangements based on project timing
Determine the program fine-tuning of the EV products according to local grid and vehicle conditions
If any part of the procedures isn’t considered clearly, serious consequences may arise. For a minor situation, EV products need to be returned for improvement. The worst situation is that it will affect the progress of the project.

EChargingTech’s Projects
EChargingTech’s professional team and rich project experience ensure that we can well complete various project challenges

We have numerous successful project cases

Provided EV charging infrastructure support for grid engineering in Italy,Germany,Britain
Provided local accessory product customization for Hyundai dealers
Supported and assisted our clients in New Zealand in winning local government projects. Excitingly, our product got on the New Zealand electric vehicle dealer’s instruction manual cover through this project.Etc…

This was quite some achievement since they were relatively new to this type of market but still maintaining high standards they’ve set for themselves through hard work, which gave us a good opportunity to take advantage of the due diligence process to ensure compliance across all government regulations during every phase so that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end without having anything slip through unnoticed.

EChargingTech Is A Global Leader In EV Charger.
EChargingTech team is always ready help with your EV project. We believe that we can provide the best support for projects of any kind or size thanks to our rich experience in this field.