The best commercial charging stations

The best cloud platform

A growing investment

Provide whole station solution

7×24 hours after-sales support

Perfect financial services

Charge with EChargingTech chargers

Two types of powerful DC chargers with the output power up to 120kW and 360kW respectively.

Easy handling and customized design

Shared charging strategy for intelligent networking

Based on a new charging hardware system designed in the future, equipped with a more intelligent operating system, the EChargingTech charging solution can solve more than 90% of charging incompatibility and failures when connected to the network, ensuring that the charging process is foolproof. At the same time, it can also help drivers save time to find a pile, adjust the charging sequence, shorten the operation and payment process, reduce operating and charging costs, and coordinate the operation efficiency of the fleet in a timely manner.

Better and Faster

The customizable turnkey solution can help fleets quickly acquire charging and related service capabilities, resolve mileage anxiety and charging incompatibility, and quickly achieve profitability.

Future proof your e-bus depots with EChargingTech

Fast Charging for Bus Depots

E-buses are becoming the new standard for most cities, even for traveling across borders. Electrifying such fleet faces new challenges in planning, implementing and operating. With our reliable and scalable hardware, we ensure your bus fleet is charged and ready to go on schedule.

Smart Load Management for Your Journey

E-bus fleet operators are confronted with limited space, constant charging support overnight and during daytime. EChargingTech’s robust hardware, intelligent software solution as well as our network of service partners provide the stability you need to start your electrified journey.

Build to Last                                                                                                         Optimized Efficiency




A compact space-saving solution ECEV-FD6 with up to 150 kW is one of the small-sized chargers in the industry and provides electricity for commercial parking lots in urban areas. With over 5000 installations worldwide, it is the best-seller in the EChargingTech-DC-portfolio.

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