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Initially, ECHARGINGTECH was only a manufacturer of EV CHARGER in China, and only provided customers with EV CHARGER products developed and produced by ourselves, as well as OEM and ODM services. However, with the deepening of development and the increasing market demand for us, we found that in addition to our own brand products, many EV CHARGER products and EV CHARGER parts products in our Chinese counterparts are doing very well, so we simply integrated All the resources of the EV CHARGER industry are provided to our customers to ensure that our customers can get the most comprehensive products and services about EV CHARGER from us, so our ECHARGINGTECH is no longer just a manufacturer of EV CHARGER, but At the same time provide different brands and types of EV CHARGER platform. Now all EV CHARGER manufacturers in China are cooperating with us, everyone is sharing the best products and the most useful technologies, and these different EV CHARGER excellent products and technologies will be presented to our customers around the world through the ECHARGINGTECH platform. We can not only directly provide customers with our Chinese brand products, but also print the customer’s brand, and still provide OEM/ODM product services, but the current product selection far exceeds our initial stage!

As we grow stronger and stronger, our popularity and influence in EV CHARGER and even the EV industry are growing. Therefore, more and more related manufacturers are cooperating with us. Now many Chinese EV manufacturers have come to us. And reached a cooperation, they hope that we can be the dealer of their EV brand, promote and sell their EV products on our platform, we have a meeting to discuss this issue combined with the fact that our customers around the world have this demand , and EV is also a related product of our EV CHARGER, so we finally decided to cooperate with major EV manufacturers to provide you with different brands of EV products on our platform. Now the brands that have reached cooperation with us are TESLA, BYD, CHERY, BMW, CHEVROLET, CADILLAC, XPENG, NIO, WULING…ETC

Due to the superiority of our resources, our price is the lowest in the industry under the same brand and same quality, so if you want to purchase EV CHARGER, EV CHARGER production parts and accessories or EV products, you will get it in ECHARGINGTECH Best quality and lowest price! To purchase EV related products, it is enough to come directly to ECHARGINGTECH! And we will also provide lifetime technical support! Welcome your visit!

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Provide our customers with the best products and services in an efficient and orderly manner

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.Relying on the most professional technical accumulation, to provide customers with the best technical support

Special Note

The product prices published on the ECHARGINGTECH website are all reference retail prices, not the final transaction price. The final price needs to be confirmed by contacting our marketing manager( before placing an order. It is not recommended to pay for the order directly. Due to the complexity and particularity of our technological products and the ever-changing world market, we cannot directly provide a permanent price. I hope all distinguished guests can give understanding and support. ECHARGINGTECH joins hands with all the staff to express our heartfelt thanks to you!


Customer special needs description

About EV CHARGER: If the customer does not directly find the EV CHARGER product you need on our website, you can directly contact our product manager for communication, and we will recommend and provide you with the most suitable product according to your needs. Whether you want to purchase EV CHARGER finished products or EV CHARGER production materials and spare parts, we can connect the most suitable products according to your needs.

About EV: Because there are too many models of EV products, some models may not be updated to our website in time, so you may not see the model you want when you browse our platform, but it doesn’t matter, you only need to put The brand and model tell our product manager, and we can provide you with the most detailed product information and quotation to assist you in purchasing and placing an order. Or you don’t have a specific brand and model, only performance requirements or only price budget, you can get the most suitable product for your requirements by telling our product manager these situations.

Others: If you have other types of requirements for Chinese cars, you can consult our product managers( to communicate to solve your needs.

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