Cloud Platform

Dedicated to enabling the future of e-Mobility by providing the most open, secure and robust charging network anywhere. A charging platform based on the cloud server makes it simple for charger owners to operate and customize chargers to meet their specific requirements. We provide everything you need to offer a complete EV charging solution.

Management System: A central system for charger operators manage charge points an monitor charging service.Status monitor,charger record,price management,firmware upgrade,remote diagnose,and load banlance are offered in one capable system.

Mobile App: A charging App for EV drivers who needs charging service. Price,locations, availability,start/stop charging,and auto billing are available in an easy way.

Interoperability:Connections while e-Mobility Servise Providers who have EV drivers as customers are viable through the open charge point inter face protocol(OCPI)

Mobile App

The charging App connects EV drivers with charging stations, so that they can easily fifind a charger and enjoy the charging service. It enables users to do location search, charging monitor and payment settlement. All is done in a mobile phone.