C6EU debuts in Corsica, France: China’s intelligent manufacturing, for the benefit of the world

Driven by the global wave of decarbonization, the new energy vehicle industry has set off a “going frenzy”, and charging piles going abroad have once again become a hot spot and focus. In recent years, the design, manufacturing capabilities, and super-fast charging technology capabilities of domestic charging piles have gradually improved, and their comprehensive competitiveness has also been continuously enhanced. Domestic charging piles have already gained a place in overseas markets.

Our European branch, XCharge Europe GmbH, was established in 2017 and has opened the door to the new energy charging pile industry in developed European countries in just over three years. With the further advancement of overseas territory, Zhichong officially entered the French market with the first batch of 40 C6EU intelligent charging piles to help the Electrify Corsica (electric Corsica) project and push Corsica into a new era of pure electric green travel. So far, EChargingTech has successfully entered 23 countries and regions in Europe. As the first charging pile enterprise to export to EU countries on a large scale, EChargingTech has become the leader of domestic charging pile enterprises to go overseas.

Strictly abide by EU standards and witness “Made in China”

Although a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is in front of us, for Zhichong, there are also multiple challenges hidden behind the opportunity.

If you want to enter the European market, there is a long way to go. The first thing to face is the stringent market access criteria. Due to the differences between EU laws, regulations, standards, and other aspects, it is not easy for domestic charging piles to obtain qualification certification. If the entry into the European market is likened to a feast, reaching the market entry criteria is at best a “dessert”, because the real “big meal” is yet to come.

Secondly, localization operation is also one of the difficulties. To enter the European market, domestic charging pile companies need to invest not only in the product itself but also in the laying of sales channels and after-sales services.

However, in the face of strict market entry standards, EChargingTech has devoted a lot of research energy to successively developed intelligent super-large fast charging piles that meet EU standards, as well as charging infrastructure solutions suitable for European cities, communities, real estate, public service spaces, etc., which can be used in real-time. Two-way communication completes the remote control and management of the charging business and charging process. In order to solve the operation and maintenance problem, Zhichong took the lead in deployment, set up a branch in Germany, built a perfect marketing system, established an excellent European sales and after-sales service team, and guaranteed European users to use it safely and with confidence with high-quality service quality.

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