Problems and suggestions in the construction of charging piles

Electric vehicles are the main direction of the future development of the automobile industry. The construction of charging piles is an indispensable and important link in the electric vehicle production and sales industry chain. Only by ensuring that there are enough charging piles in the society can the electric vehicle industry be better. development of.

Current problems and solutions of charging piles

1. Land resources

Large-scale construction of charging stations will occupy valuable land resources, and many cities have no large tracts of land for the planning and construction of charging stations. If you consider occupying urban green space, this itself goes against the starting point of the country’s development of new energy vehicles, and charging The construction of the station itself must meet the conditions of “three connections and one leveling” (water, electricity, road, and site leveling). Station is not feasible.

Solution: Change the way of thinking. In the charging infrastructure, the most important equipment is the charging pile. We can completely transform a charging station into several charging piles for distributed construction, which can give full play to the small footprint and cost of the charging pile. The advantages of low cost and short construction period avoid the defects of traditional charging stations.

2. Excessive cost

According to an insider of the State Grid, the more than 400 charging stations that have been built have almost no profitable projects, and the entire line is in a state of loss. According to the China Southern Power Grid Branch, in the state of Shenzhen, the seven charging stations operated in Chengdu have an annual loss of 13 million yuan. .

Solution: In this regard, various regions have policy subsidies. For example, according to the notice of the “Financial Subsidy Measures for the Construction and Operation of Charging Facilities in Nanjing in 2021”, the total amount of subsidies for a single charging station or charging pile group does not exceed 1.8 million yuan. For the construction and operation enterprises of charging facilities with less than 100 newly-built charging facilities or with a total rated power of less than 5,000 kilowatts, the subsidy for the construction of charging piles shall be subsidized by 50% of the above-mentioned standards. Of course, policies vary from place to place, so specific consultation is recommended.

3. Convenience

In some public bus fields, after the vehicle is finished running, it needs to go to the charging station to replenish the power, which in itself increases the tediousness of charging, and it is easy to collide with the building or equipment of the charging station in the process of moving the car. The whole charging process is very inconvenient.

Solution: At this stage in the process of promoting new energy vehicles, the target customer group is relatively fixed, mainly in the field of public transportation, specific industries and some private vehicles. Regularly, the construction of charging infrastructure needs to be closer to users, to meet the needs of users, to match the construction of charging pile groups according to the characteristics of users, and to cooperate with property management.

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