Patents & Honors

On May 4, 2015, our registered capital was 5.3966 million US dollars. Since its establishment, “making charging easier and making electric life better” has become the company’s constant value pursuit. Now it has grown into a Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise. A technology enterprise, a leading domestic R&D and manufacturer of electric vehicle charging equipment, and a leader in vertical (intelligent, interconnected, efficient, and economical) charging solutions. At present, the company’s IPO on the Science and Technology Innovation Board has entered the B+ round.
The company has C6 DC and C2 AC charging piles 360kW super-fast charging-C9 ( The total power of its split design can reach 480kW, and the general model can be fully charged in 10 minutes) and other C series charging pile products that are well-known in the industry and industrial design circles; China’s first charging pile operating system based on Android deep development – XOS system (high The intelligent level of the industry and the charging efficiency close to the physical limit); the first smart charging “Future Charging Station” brand to obtain the real estate industry and CQC certification; the design and construction plan of the entire charging station for unmanned management; and was approved by Yibin City, Sichuan Province. The application is the XCloud cloud charging operation management platform of the municipal operation management platform (the first and currently the only system platform serving the unified operation and management of urban charging infrastructure in China).
With its exquisite and smooth product design, efficient and stable equipment performance (centrifugal fan direct-discharge heat dissipation, fast and efficient; standby power consumption is only 1/3 of the industry average; built-in power conversion module efficiency is as high as 96%, (higher than the industry average of 92%), the new charging mode and service concept of “smart hardware + cloud service”, the integrated investment and construction plan and the integration capability of the whole station, etc., have greatly promoted the popularization and utilization of charging infrastructure efficiently.
At present, we have established in-depth cooperation with many well-known enterprises in the field of electric vehicles such as State Grid, BYD, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Geely, Haima, Weilai, Didi, Xiaopeng, Shouqi, Cao Cao, Zhilian, JD. In the large-scale infrastructure business of State Grid Corporation, the city operation business of State Grid electric vehicles, the charging system of the future science and technology park (national level), the charging infrastructure project in Yibin City, the Guangzhou Public Transport and Shenzhen Municipal Government supporting operation projects and other large-scale energy infrastructure public utilities; Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guiyang, Hangzhou, and other provinces and cities have cooperated to build dozens of centralized large-scale demonstration stations focusing on DC fast charging. The ultra-high equipment utilization rate, the ultra-short cost recovery period of 15-20 months, and the good operation management and end-user charging experience have won wide acclaim from major cooperative participants and BC customers. In 2017, we established a European branch with Hamburg, Germany as the operation center, officially launched the overseas business, deeply participated in the charging infrastructure business of Germany and Paris Public Transport Group, and promoted the world’s leading charging solutions to more countries and regions.
In the latest issue of “China Charging Alliance Statistical Data Report on Charging and Swapping Facilities”, there are many smart charging cooperative customers: China State Grid, Yiwei Energy, SAIC Anyue, China Potevio, Yunshan Wisdom, Weilai, BYD… 5 out of the top 10 are our carrier customers!

Among them, Yiwei Energy, which has been in the top five almost since the charging alliance began to count, can be said to be in the past year.
“Big move frequently”. From “E-generation charging” to “830 Energy Festival”, Yiwei has been working hard to solve the imbalance problem of tight charging spaces in business districts and surplus charging spaces in residential areas during working hours and strives to improve the quality of destination charging and user experience.
According to Chen Zhenxiong, CEO and co-founder of Yiwei Energy, Yiwei and EChargingTech are very friendly partners. Using intelligent charging equipment that can be remotely controlled and upgraded, Yiwei can quickly deploy the charging network and expand the operation territory. The wave of new infrastructure has been launched. With a powerful charging system like EChargingTech as the backing, Yiwei is very confident that it can ride the wind and waves in this blue ocean.
China News Service
On June 16th, ECHARGINGTECH’s average equipment utilization rate in 2019 was close to 40%, and the average annual income of a single charging pile exceeded 30,000, ranking first in the industry… In most charging operators, the utilization rate has been maintained at 7% all year round, and it is difficult to rely on policy subsidies. When surviving, a charging “big and middle platform” is helping its customers to make a fortune.
According to iResearch
The 2020 China Public Charging Pile Industry Research Report predicts that the cumulative investment and construction scale of China’s public charging pile market will exceed 59.7 billion yuan from 2020 to 2025. The construction of charging piles is booming at the time.
The six-year scale increment is close to
60 billion, but the source of income of the charging station is relatively single, mainly from the charging service fee paid by the user. It can be seen that whether a charging station can be profitable or not depends on the utilization of equipment. It is estimated that under the condition of an average service fee of 0.6 yuan/kWh, the utilization rate can reach 10.6% to achieve break-even within four years. year. The equipment utilization rate is close to 40%, which means that even without considering policy subsidies, the return on investment cycle of a charging station is only a few months based on a single service fee profit model.
With the support of such high operational data,
In 2019, the average single-pile income of ECHARGINGTECH’s charging operator customers exceeded 30,000 yuan, and the fastest one recovered all the up-front investment in just four months. It seems impossible to circumvent an industry where “operation means long-term losses”. The ring of Bius is broken.
ECHARGINGTECH was established due to its innovative advantages over other peers in a model focused on providing solutions
It has experienced rapid development in the past 5 years.
So far, ECHARGINGTECH has targeted
The charging preference design of more than 120 models has launched a series of AC and DC intelligent charging piles ranging from 7kW to 360kW. With the SaaS cloud platform service, it provides up to 6 services covering energy, real estate, parking, logistics, car-hailing, operators, etc. The B-side customized solutions for sub-segments have achieved full coverage of each sub-segment and breakthroughs of leading customers one by one.
In May 2018, Zhichong, together with State Grid, Didi Xiaoju,, and Baidu, jointly launched the “City Charging Partner Program”. Up to now, Zhichong has supported more than 300 large, medium, and small charging operators, and deployed more than 35,000 charging devices in 30 provincial-level administrative regions across the country, with a monthly charging capacity of more than 120 million kWh and an average equipment utilization rate of 40%. The equipment utilization rate of operator customers even exceeds 60%, and the profitability of its B-end customers far exceeds that of its peers.
Good Made in China needs to be seen by more people, good charging service needs to be seen
“everywhere”. With China’s innovation leading the world in the field of new energy, Zhichong’s software and hardware R&D strength and service model have also been recognized by the international market, especially the European market. The supplier of cold integrated superchargers has more than 60 patents and copyrights of software and hardware products.
Last year, ECHARGINGTECH successfully stood out from many first-tier suppliers around the world, won the largest bus charging project in Berlin, Germany, and
Stromnetz Berlin jointly deployed 30 smart-charging C6 series smart DC charging piles for the Berlin bus company (BVG), with a total power of 3MW and excellent operational performance.

Technical strength
The core team of the company is all from Tesla, the company
CEO Ray-D is the technical leader of home charging piles and public charging piles in Tesla China. He has more than 8 years of experience in the charging pile industry. The ECHARGINGTECH R&D team has won more than 60 invention patents and software copyrights, covering design, practical New models, software systems, cloud mechanisms, etc.
Among them, C2 and C6, which have won the Red Dot Design Award, are particularly prominent. Only one year after the company was established, Zhichong Technology has become the first charging pile brand in China to win this honor with these two designs. The company also owns the invention patent of the charging gun head, which has been officially certified by the State Intellectual Property Office of China. Always put customer needs first, ECHARGINGTECH was rated as China’s AAA-level integrity management demonstration unit.
In the future, more than 30 patents for inventions and utility models will be certified successively, which will be the icing on the cake for ECHARGINGTECH, which inspires to be an evergreen innovative enterprise.

Top ten core competitiveness of ECHARGINGTECH
1) The company’s core technicians are all employed in Tesla’s charging division
over 3 years ;
2) The only company in the world that has won the German Red Dot Supreme Industrial Design Award for charging piles;
3) The world’s only charging pile equipped with (
Android) Android 5.0 system charging pile;
4) The only charging pile in the world equipped with remote upgrade, update, repair, restart, and repair;
5) The world’s first development of dynamic QR code payment charging system;
6) The world’s first vehicle
Cortex A8 processor high-speed startup and data storage system;
7) ECHARGINGTECH is currently awarded Chinese domestic patents
87 enterprises and 11 international patent enterprises;
8) China’s first R&D center for supercharging piles at the same level as Tesla, and has been delivered to customers;
9) China’s leading IoT + big data analysis platform, real-time monitoring of charging pile operation, failure, revenue, etc.;
10) ECHARGINGTECH is currently the most sought-after charging pile enterprise by capital and the market and currently ranks first in the domestic charging pile industry in terms of the financing amount. R&D, production, and after-sales enterprises (ECHARGINGTECH shareholders are all first-line investors in the market, including ZhenFund, Pioneer Finance, South Korea Samsung, GGV Jiyuan Capital, etc.

2、Patent Certificate

3.Product advantages

Appearance advantage:

1、The only charging pile product that won the Red Dot Design Award

2、A product designed by Internet thinking

3、U-shaped hanging wire process

4、Precision CNC aluminum alloy processing technology + surface anodizing

5、Industrial-grade ultra-clear screen (same supplier for iPad)

Hardware advantages:

1、Using Cortex A8 processor, large-capacity operation and storage

2、Using photo relay, the life is close to one million times

3、Automotive Grade Semiconductor Materials

4、96.6% ultra-high conversion rate reaching the physical limit

5、Standby power consumption is only 1/3 of the industry average

6、The first fully isolated circuit to ensure stable operation of each system.

7、Z-shaped air duct + centrifugal fan, the best cooling effect

8、Stable performance, abnormal order rate is less than 5%

9、Modular expansion of DC charging pile power

10、Smart Power Distribution

11、Scalable Bluetooth floor lock and radar

Saas Platform advantage:

1、The first Android exclusive charging operating system

2、Remote equipment upgrade, remote fault diagnosis, remote maintenance and restart, truly unmanned operation.

3、WeChat scan code to charge, no need to download APP

4、The charging constraints can be set freely, which is convenient to use.

5、Support a variety of NFC card modes, support mobile phone self-service card making

6、Flexible setting of various charging modes and opening hours.

7、Intelligent customer group management mode to meet the charging needs of all scenarios

8、Support prepaid/postpaid multiple payment modes

9、Delayed charging, auxiliary station management

10、Dynamic compensation to reduce operational losses

11、Support queuing and reservation to improve station operation efficiency

12、Remote advertising, expand revenue model

13、Support online drainage of platforms such as Baidu, AutoNavi, and eChongwang

14、It can realize operation analysis of power, duration, frequency, income, and other conditions, and support data export

15、Online account sharing for multiple investors can be realized.

16、Set up marketing activities to assist site management

4.Industry influence

1、[Sohu Car Report] The first ECHARGINGTECH charging station certified by CQC settled in Oriental Plaza

2、[ report] Is it “difficult to make a profit” for charging stations? Zhilian joins hands with ECHARGINGTECH to say no to facts

3、The “Urban Charging Partner” program was officially launched to build a nationwide smart charging network

4、ECHARGINGTECH won the bid for FAW-Volkswagen new energy vehicle charging equipment project

5、Strategic cooperation with JD Logistics, ECHARGINGTECH “City Charging Partner Program” to enter the field of logistics charging

6、Vice Premier Liu He of the State Council affirmed and encouraged ECharging Tech

7、[People’s Daily Online] Sino-French cooperation to jointly develop “vehicle-to-grid” solutions

8、This new infrastructure startup company, founded only 4 years ago, won the largest bus project in Berlin, Germany

5.Case display of cooperative customers

6.Qualification and Award Certificate